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Seasonal Sanctuary
Yoga Teacher Training 
by the Sea

Becoming a Seasonal Yoga Teacher at Seasonal Sanctuary is like stepping back into flow with Nature. Spring & Summer Yoga you will have your feet in nature, just imagine yourself practicing on the beach, with the sea to dip your toes in or take a plunge . Lectures in the Big Tepee, forages in the woods in the grounds of Old Vicarage retreat & spa.

Autumn & Winter moves us back indoors and cosy.

We cover all the fundamentals of Yoga,-breathwork, anatomy, philosophies, history. But its always about that bit extra at Seasonal...integrating Traditional Chinese Medicine, the 5 element theory to health, transforming a Yoga course into a Holistic lifestyle practice that has Seasonal health & wellness at its core. Another extra is the popular Seasonal Nutrition, one of our core teachings. We Live, Eat, Practice, Think, Feel... Seasonally in touch with our cycles of wellbeing and that of nature.

And that extra keeps coming, learn about marketing, starting an online business, NLP, Chi Gong, Pregnancy Yoga, Chair Yoga and the use of essential oils.

Each module has a different feel as the seasons change month by month, this experience over the year allows you to feel the shifts as you also transform and embody the whole Seasonal experience...Student to Teacher.

Fully accredited 200 Hour Yoga Alliance course taught by specialists, Seasonal Masters and Directors.

Yoga on the beach

"Spring to Winter
Student to Teacher"

The Water element
Cools you in Summer

Seasonal Yoga by the sea
Seasonal Yoga By the sea Autumn pose

The metal element
"Focus on your new Future"

Yoga on the Beach
The earth element
"Keeps you grounded"


Our Focus is the experience and that little extra, extra as its like no other Yoga course.

Our unique course integrates Traditional Yoga with Traditional Chinese Medicine and at its core is the 5 element theory of living, breathing a more natural, healthy, wealthy life with the Seasons.

We have crafted & designed this course to compliment your learning with our unique teachings. Our nutritional & diet plan have been specially designed to fit with the seasons along with selfcare & healthcare routine. At Seasonal Sanctuary Yoga we want you to live and breathe the seasons first hand as practicing & learning in as natural setting as possible.

We want to be there every step of the way to help you find your potential, whether your goal is to teach yoga & coach wellness or just become a healthier more informed version of you.


We understand everyone is an individual with differing skills, talents, dreams, passions and aspirations. From the way you learn, move, speak and preserve life. That's why we've designed the course to be in-person training once a month (face to face contact with your Tutors) online lectures & practices (refresh & go over any lectures on your own time)  Seasonal study & reference books.  You learn at your pace, when & where you want. .

As a Seasonal Yoga Teacher we want you teach Seasonal Yoga in your own creative way, to attract your own community & tribe..

We are here to give you the foundations, teaching tools and then let you take the first right step into your Infinite potential as the dream Yoga Teacher you envisaged..

Don't be put off if you don't want to teach, you can use our course as your own personal wellness growth development,  learn more about yourself, how to practice Yoga and the seasonal aspect to a healthy lifestyle...

" Imagine Summer Yoga on the beach

Winter by the fire"


The wood element
"Makes the plans & guides your will"


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