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“The Yoga that changes You, as you move through the Seasons 

I finished my teacher training with these two lovely ladies, Julie and Nicola, this year and what a fantastic experience myself and the other students received. They are both so knowledgeable and extremely positive. Made learning a pleasure. Originally was taught in a face to face setting until lockdown made this impossible and we moved over to online learning which was new for everyone but this worked really well.

- Rosemary Lewis

Julie and Nicola (and guest teachers) are very knowledgeable and lovely teachers. I just finished my 200hr course with them this year and a absolutely love it. There was an abundance of information on the seasons, all limbs of yoga, the history, Chinese medicine and so much more. Worth every penny, not only if you're planning to become a teacher but also perfect if you wish to widen your yoga knowledge. It had been great to have a small group so you can get to know each other and the teachers and have this lovely support system.

- Hannah Olsthoorn

I highly recommend the Seasonal Yoga Teaching Training course with Julie and Nicola . Their in-depth knowledge, kind and gentle teaching methods enable you to really understand yoga - not just as a physical practice but on physiological and philosophical levels as well. The course is extremely well structured and balanced covering all aspects of yoga. Personally it has changed my life for the better. I would highly recommend the course whether you enjoy yoga and would like to do further study or go the whole way and teach. I have no doubt that you will love the course and love studying with Julie and Nicola.

- Kate De Leeuw

Yoga is for everyone! One of the best decision I have made was to join the Stirling Yoga Teacher Training 19/20. Since day one it helped me goes through a very hard (mental) moments. You learn to deal with high and lows, help with confidence, help you with resilience. Yoga  is much more than only stretching classes. I highly recommend SYTT, Julie and Nicola lead you through a wonderful journey during the course.

- Cleide B

- Colin Colley

I completed the 200hr teacher training with Julie and Nicola. They are a wonderful duo who are caring, patient, encouraging and full of knowledge. It is a full on year with plenty of practice and theory to keep you occupied. It is also a year of personal growth and great experiences. I also got to share the time with a great group of fellow student teachers. I would recommend learning from Julie and Nicola if you are thinking about becoming a teacher, or just want to further your knowledge of Yoga.

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Why chose a Seasonal Yoga Course.

Our 200 Hour Teacher Training is accredited by Yoga Alliance International, allowing you to teach in many other countries other than the UK. We are the only Seasonal Yoga course on the East Coast, of England and you have the opportunity to be one the first teachers, to spread your wings and create your tribe in your local community offering a holistic class. 

Our course is unique and been developed to offer you not just extra, but Extra, Extra.

What our past students thought about the course..

“The practice changes every few months to fit the mood and the ambience of the Season”,  " The practice just feels right at that time of year and my class love how it changes"   " I never get bored or short on ideas while teaching Seasonal Yoga" “I love teaching classes but a Seasonal Workshops is special, I get to spend an afternoon of quality time with my class, going over the best foods to eat, the best breath to take and spend half an hour in Yoga Nidra”

Who is eligible for the course..

We take each applicant on their own merit, preferable we would like you to have a regular Yoga practise or are a health professional ready to add Yoga to their repertoire.

We are looking for passionate individuals, mad about Yoga, health and fitness, who wish to spread the word, are ready to deepen their understanding of philosophies, anatomy and seasonal living and are willing to commit to a year of study and training.

Why does it take 12 months

it is all about the feel, the experience. the natural flow on this course, we take a full 12 months to take you on a journey, travelling from one Season to the next, spring to winter, warm to cold, Moving from the external to the internal. As the energy changes, you will feel the inner change from student to teacher.. We want you to experience you as a teacher, your voice, your vision, your confidence.

Who's your Tutors

Lead teacher and Tutor is Julie Garrioch

A Seasonal Master Teachers (500EYRT teachers), Acupuncturist, TCM Traditional Chinese Medicine specialist, Emotional Healing Practioner,, AromaTouch and Essential Oils wellness Advocate.

We call in the experts per modular learning...

Karen Scobbie, one of the top Nutritional therapist zooms in to cover Nutrition and Seasonal eating.

Claire Davidson takes us through NLP.

Lectures from Seasonal Course Directors...

Julie Hanson (marketing, social media and setting up your business), 

Sue Woodds (Traditional Chinese Medicine, Chi Gong,, Tai Chi and the  5 Element theory),

Marit Akintewe (Yoga Philosophies, Yoga lineage and history)

Course Lead Tutor

My name is Julie Garrioch

Hi, I am Julie Garrioch, founder of Seasonal Sanctuary Yoga by the Sea

I've been in the fitness & wellness industry for over 23 years, starting out teaching low-high impact aerobics and step.. Yes I was the lycra wearing Jane Fonda look alike that got you to Step ,2,3,4-, lift  2,3,4, repeat, repeat till the sweat runs out your sweat bands.

In the year 2000, went on to train with the highly accredited Pilates Institute, 10 years of studying, movement, rehabilitation & advanced anatomy & physiology. Teaching classical & modern Pilates.

I even did a stint at the Local Technical College tutoring exercise to music courses.

Did my initial  Yoga training in 2015, found myself wanting more. & more things Yogic , which lead me to the door of Seasonal Yoga Academy in Glasgow where I continued my studies to achieve the accredited Advanced Seasonal 500 hour teaching certificate.

As the Seasonal Brand expanded I was offered the role of Lead Tutor to set up a school in Stirling and now to my new home in Lincolnshire

I've ran and owned a successful Wellness studio & Yoga training School in Stirling and can say I have experienced the magic of seasonal Yoga and the doors and opportunities it opens.

500 E-RYT Advance Seasonal Master, Teacher & Tutor

Aerial Yoga teacher,,

Pilates Mat-work & Reformer Diploma teacher,

Reps Level 3 Fitness Teacher,

Be lean eat green nutritional Facilitator 

Micro-system acupuncturist & TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine]

Functional Cupping therapist

Emotional Healer & past life regression practitioner

Essential oils & AromaTouch Technique massage

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