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“The Yoga that changes with the Seasons”

Sutton on sea yoga training

Let us take you on a Journey from Season to Season, Month to Month.

The cycles of synergy from abundance to hibernation.

Feel the energy change and transform in Nature from the weather, to the plant life, to the way we feel & think, to the impact on our health.

Experience Nature as it was intent from practicing by the sea, on the land to back inside.

Sutton on sea beach practice in summer
Seasonal Sanctuary Yoga training

Spring- Rising Yang energy- Liver & gallbladder-planting seeds, growth, planning, standing strong, seeing the future, spring cleaning, spring food.

Early summer- Pericardium & Triple warmer-Yang transitional energy, more daylight, socialising, connecting to nature, early fruit & veg.

Summer- Full Yang energy-Heart & Small Intestines- warmth, passion, Vitamin D, BBQ's, holidays, salads, beaches, sea, travel.

Late Summer-the pause neither Yin or Yang,- Spleen & Stomach-, grounded, immunity, self-esteem, harvest food, earth, nourishment.

Autumn-  Falling into Yin-Lungs & Large Intestines- breathe, letting go, decluttering, soups & stews, values & boundaries.

Winter- Full Yin- Kidney & Bladder-hibernation, deep rejuvenation, reflection, roast dinners, stillness, cosy

Seedlings in Pots

Air Element

I feel connected


Fire Element

Earth Element

  I am  strong and grounded

Sunrise over the Wheat Field

Following the passion of my heart

Red Scarf

Wood Element

I'm looking forward, planning my future

Green Smoothie
Yellow Daffodil Close Up
Red Flowers

Metal Element

letting go of the issue in my tissue

Autumn Leaves

Water Element

recharging, restoring & rejuvenating

Forest in the Winter
Tree Branch in the Snow


As the Seasons change we transform you from Student to Teacher. As we connect into Nature, her  Seasons & our role as she changes. Steeped in the ancient healing arts of Yoga & Traditional Chinese Medicine.

We cover the foundations including asana(postures) pranayama (breathwork) Meditation, Yoga philosophy, Fundamentals of Traditional Chinese Medicine (meridian and organ energy) , Anatomy and Physiology, Chakra and Nadi (energy centres).

The extra's 6 Seasonal Yoga practices, Chi Gong, Seasonal Selfcare,Seasonal Nutrition, living in Season, Seasonal Yoga Nidra, NLP,  Pregnancy Yoga, Postural alignment, Marketing & Online business.

PLUS- We experience Nature & the Seaons in real time-Spring & Summer practice will be on the beach, with a chance to wild swim, lessons in the tepee at the Old Vicarage grounds and Spa. 


Tepee summer venue

The Old Vicarage Retreat, Grounds & Spa

A little about our venue & facilities

Our training will be split between The Old Vicarage, the beach & sea and the Winter venue will return us back indoors. You will fully experience Seasonal Yoga as its designed to be, synching with nature & her rhythm.
The Old Vicarage is 10 minutes drive from the Sea, we will be practicing & learning in the Events Tepee, within the grounds & a chance to go on foraging walks. They offer
just a little touch of luxury too, we have permission when available to use the pool and hot tub.

Part of our practice will be by the Sea, on the sand, with the chance to go for a Wild Swim.

The winter months will take us back indoors, to a warm cosy venue.

" Nature is the purest Portal to Inner Peace"
Yoga on the Beach
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