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Traditional Chinese Medicine Clinic
Auricular Ear acupuncture

 Auricular Ear Acupuncture 

Sacred Turtle & abdominal acupuncture

Abdominal, Scalp & Sacred Turtle Acupuncture


A complete Medical system that has been around for thousands of years, using various philosophies & systems including Yin and Yang, the concept of vital force energy (Qi) and natural law.

It includes acupuncture, massage, cupping, herbal medicine, lifestyle, exercise and diet to create a whole systematic healthcare system. This approach is to diagnose, prevent and treat disease by identifying patterns of disharmony within the bodies energetic system. As one of the oldest medical systems its aim is to balance and harmonise the Mind, Emotions, Physical & Spiritual body.

Chinese Medicine is based on both clinical and academic research. 

We can treat many illness from digestive problems to infertility.

Back ache to frozen shoulders

Anxiety to depression

Sadness and Grief

As we see there is a link between what we think, feel, speak, do and live.


Auricular, Scalp, Abdominal & Sacred Turtle Acupuncture


Auricular acupuncture is were tiny needles are inserted into specific energy points located in the Ear representing organs, limbs, system for differing illness or symptoms.

Abdominal & Sacred Turtle acupuncture is were we needle around the navel. This is where all nerves, blood, Qi and Lymph's flow from the centre of our belly outwardly to the whole body. This system is great at treating skeletal-muscular problems like back-ache, hip pain, shoulder injuries.

Along with things like headaches, digestive issues, fertility along with other issue like anxiety, worry and fear.

Scalp acupuncture can be useful at treating tinnitus, palsy, vertigo, speech and much more.

As a practitioner we may decide that a combination of 2 or 3 of our

micro-systems treatments would work best to help the energy pathways flow better and allow for better healing.  

During treatment we stimulate some calming centres called Shen Men for those who are nervous around needles. 

30 Minute single Auricular treatment £30

60 minute single Abdominal/Turtle or Scalp treatment £40/ block of 4 £140  weekly treatment

60 minute combined Auricular/ Abdominal/Scalp/Cupping  single treatment £45/block of 4 £160

Consultation, diagnosis and first treatment 1hour 15 minutes. 

Functional Cupping and sliding massage

Functional Cupping & Massage Cupping

 Traditional & Functional  Cupping.

A techniques to release painful muscle tension and tightness.

Move stagnant flow of blood , Qi, and trapped toxins to aid the natural healing process of the bodies own intelligence.

The cups are applied to create a suction vacuum  that can be applied for a heavy, medium or light static treatment or moved around to create a massaging effect.

Each client will be assessed and treated accordingly by the practioner.

The famous cupping "kisses" or marks after treatment are a great reaction as it shows histamine and other chemicals are being released to promote healing. Look at the famous athletes now regularly using cupping as part of there training programme.

45 minute single treatment £35/ block of 4  £100 weekly treatments

Or Combination with acupuncture 60 Minutes single treatment £45/ block of 4 £160

Holistic  Healing & Wellness Clinic

AromaTouch Technique

Reiki Treatment

Emotional Healing


Discover the power of essential oils, applied to the back and feet. A unique blend of human touch and the holistic benefits of essential oils.

each essential oil has a therapeutic effect on the mind, emotions and physical body. Oils to help you relax, oils to help calm the mind and the nervous system, oils to release tight & tired muscles. All to bring harmony to Mind, Body and Spirit.

Let the sensory power of the oils, infuse into the skin and diffuse through smell.

45 minute treatment £35/ block of 4  £100 weekly treatments

1 Hour single treatment AromaTouch & Gua Sha Facial £40/ block of 4 £110


This is a very Unique & Rare healing therapy with only a handful of practitioners, worldwide.

Resolving and releasing emotional trauma PAST, PRESENT AND FUTURE

Step into the new Quantum universe of healing.

90 minute single healing treatment £50/ Block of 4 £180

An Older Woman Bathing in. the Sea
Emotional Healing & past life regression

Seasonal Wellness Plan


We look at everything in your life, from the food you eat to the lifestyle choices you make. We then work together to formulate a treatment plan both in the clinic and to be practiced at home.

Daily exercises, diet & food planning, mindful mantras 

An individual programme & combination treatment sessions. 

4 week coaching plan £140

Green Juices
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