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Winter Blues or Winter Re-new

In our Seasonal journey Winter, the stillest, darkest season on the annual cycle.

Days are shorter, nights are longer and the weather is cold and damp.

In Seasonal Yoga, we work with Traditional Chinese Medicine and the 5 elements in our daily lifestyle practice. Winter is associated with the element of Water, the deepest most yin of energies, colour dark blue and black like the depths of the ocean, the most flowing, moving of all elements that stirs our well-being. Linked with the moon and it's influence on the tides and our own internal waters like the kidneys & bladder, hormones & glands, anything thats fluid & moveable right down to the microscopic & cellular.

Emotions can be stirred, stilled or overflow in Winter. If you are balanced and in-sync with Winter energy your emotions wellbeing will be calm, peaceful & restful. Out of harmony and you will ride the waves of every emotion from anger to fear, depression or anxiety will reign.

Self-care is the key, lots of restoring & rejuvenating activities like light exercise, good warming nourishing food, good sleeping patterns, Epson salt baths, meditation, journalling, crafting.

How we can help in Winter..

Our Seasonal Yoga practice in Winter is very light, focus is working into the deeper tissues like Yin or restoring Yoga. Lots of Breath-work, contemplation and relaxation.

Our Pilates focuses on the deeper core muscles, back & hip mobility movement.

Treat yourself to some Acupuncture, take care of those achy joints, orthopaedic back pain, now is a good time for fertility treatments as the Kidneys look after fertility in TCM. Acupuncture is also very successful at treating anxiety and emotional healing.

Cupping therapy releases deep tissue tightness, works with the lymphatic system to drain and detox toxins.

One to one training sessions for that more personal touch, including movement correction, unlocking nerve blocks, & nutritional & seasonal eating plans.

Winter can be the ultimate time to restore, rejuvenate and re-energise a time for self, self-care & self reflection. When we get this Season right it sets the foundations for our health for the rest of the year.

You will Spring into March, Be overjoyed in June, Glow by September and Release any worries by November...all in time to Relax next January and start again.

Find us...

Classes are online and in-person locally.

Personal training is indoors in winter and on the beach when the weather turns warmer.

Acupuncture & cupping treatments available in the clinic at Shea Hair, beauty & wellbeing.

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