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What the colour of your cupping marks tells your therapist

Have you tried Static or sliding massage cupping.

Cupping has been made famous by major athletes like Micheal Phelps and Andy Murray for treating tired, strained, tight muscles. This has allowed them to competed with injuries or as a form of detoxing after an event. Commonly seen as these strange circular bruises that are seen on their backs, shoulders and legs.

Cupping is an ancient treatment used not just in Chinese Medicine but in India, Africa and South America. Traditionally in the Chinese system glass cups are used, a flame is place under the cup to create a vacuum that allows the cup to suction to the body and in some continents animal horns are used instead.

Mostly in the West it's common practice to use plastic cups with a suction vacuum. They are easier and the amount & deepth of skin, muscle & tissue that is sucked into the cup can be altered to suit the type of treatment.

Used to treat achy joints and muscles, back, shoulder, hip, leg and neck pain.

Detoxing lymphs and toxins, move blood and stagnation of Qi energy and in Chinese Medicine to strengthen or restore the organs & systems.

What the colour of the skin says about your health? A healthy body system after cupping will present as normal pink healthy colouration. Whereas dark purple colouration can represent severe stagnantion, poor blood flow & possible severe toxic build up. Could be as a result of an old injury where the muscle tissue & blood supply have been damaged by swelling and tearing.

Cupping draws fresh blood & Qi back to the effected area, creating a pathway and a link back to the bodies natural healing intelligence.

It's a relaxing and calming treatment, where you simply lie back and allow the cups to do there magic.

Treatments range from 30 minutes and upwards and always look for a qualified cupping therapist. If it's a Traditional Chinese Medicine therapist, you may get some follow up self-care tips like exercises, stretches, diet or lifestyle changes.

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