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Early Summer Vibes the spark to ignite your internal fire

From Season to Season we notice a change in the weather, the temperature, the wind, the growth of the plants, the migrating birds, but there are more subtle changes that for many of us go unnoticed as we rush about our day to day lives. Its only when we stop, close our eyes and go deeper inside to we sense more. maybe its the smell on the breeze, the noise of the wind and if we are really Intune we can feel the change in vibration and frequency as the energy moves.

Spring energy has this moving forward, speeding up, growth feeling as the sun gets higher in the sky and the days stretch with the spring crocus and snowdrops pushing through the earth. Early Summer has the energetics of space, expansion, a feel of of airiness & lightness. In Seasonal Yoga based from the 5 element theory Early Summer is the element of Air which ignites the Fire (fire of full Summer). When we trace the meridian energy points from Traditional Chinese medicine it is no coincidence that the acupuncture points run from the heart space around the chest to the middle finger (pericardium) and middle finger to the ear (triple warmer). The pericardium an interesting organ, a complex sac made of thin layers of fascia filled with fluid & encompassing the Emperor the Heart. Acting as a shield or body guard from infection, sensitive to temperature and vibrational energy such as our emotional state and threats. When we feel safe and healthy the pericardium sac becomes expansive, airy and light, allowing for the Heart to beat in peace at a slow rhythmic undisturbed pace, floating happily in its fluid. When the pericardium senses a threat it tightens and squeezes the heart, making the cardio vascular system move into fight, flight and flee response mode.

Temperature can also effect the pericardium such as cold and heat internally and externally.

So subtle increases in Seasonal early summer temperature can be sensed by the organ without us even noticing the change or noticed on the deeper level feeling more light hearted , we may even noticed our personality warms as this space around our heart fills with this same warmth & space.

Not by coincidence the ancient Yoga masters would dwell and focus all of their attention on a point in the centre of the chest, deep within the heart a place called Hridaya the resting space of the Fire of our Spirit. They would work on the embers of a dying fire, blowing the air around the ashes to restart the fire to ignite the flame of our inner spirit, wisdom, passion, love and compassion. Placing so much expansion around this space to cultivate that place called BLISS or HEAVEN.

In our Seasonal Yoga practice we look at creating space, especially around the fascia of the body and especially around the heart, working on contracting and expanding movement that builds warmth, heat and lightness. Releasing emotional tension and trauma from the body caught deep in these complex layers of tissues known as fascia (our superhighway where our emotional energy flows, moves or blocks just like a motorway).

It is that complete connection of mind, body, emotions and spirit that Yoga can be used as a very effective healing tool to rebalance, re-energise, transform our frequency additionally Seasonal energy practitioners become so switch on that they feel and sense, then predict the incoming change in external energy that they start to adapt their Yoga practice, self care routines, food & diet to match the incoming cycles of energy.

Early Summer lasts just one month on the Seasonal calendar, one short month to ignite that flame.. to create all that space, to feel that warmth like a big cosy hug around your waist to ignite that passion, that drives us do what we love. However to create that space you have do the shadow work, the Spring clean of all Spring cleans to remove the clutter you've hoarded along the way, Think toxins as the clutter like unusable clothing hanging in your wardrobe (yeah the crap you hang onto for sentimental reasons) you just keep accumulating more and more till nothing else squeezes in.. Bit like our negative emotions, junk food, judgemental & fear related thinking all being pushed and pulled into our sweet little emotional hearts.

So detoxing the mind, emotions, the physical digestive system is the preparation needed in Spring so, Early summer energy can just flow into our being and set us for the next Season of full fiery Summer of connectivity, activity, communication and interaction with such amazing light and heart.

Make room for this spark, ignite that flame and enjoy the month from May to June and the space around your warm, light heart.

Next time your passing, call in on one of my new seasonal classes down by the Sea.

An ideallic place to practice in the heart of the Lincolnshire Coast.



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