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Have you been for a complimentary or holistic treatment ?

Reiki, Acupuncture, Cupping, Energy healing, Ayurveda, Homeopathy, Herbal medicine. Sound bathing. Chrystal healing, Regression and there is many many more.

These therapy's have stood the test of time and have been around for 1000's of years, starting mainly in the East then moving to the West in the early 60's. Fell out of fashion until the early 2000 's and forecast for the future becoming one of the biggest growing small businesses we will see in our local communities.

Why are we returning back to these methods of healing?

With the restrictions that have been in place over the last few years and availability limited in Western Medicine, people have naturally migrated & started looking for alternatives ways to manage health. Getting recommendations from friends and colleagues for things like managing pain, healing long standing illnesses, boosting autoimmunity, digestive problems and much more. With the knock on effect being it takes pressure of the current health systems.

Are these therapies safe?

All therapist are regulated by a professional body, monitored and reviewed for health and safety. They spent between a few months to a few years in training, with most therapists going on to spend up to 2 to 10 years in advanced training. That's as long, if not longer that most health professionals. If we look at Traditional Chinese Medicine (acupuncture, herbal medicine, tuina, cupping, magnetic therapy, face/eye/tongue/pulse diagnosis) it is a system that started way back in the dynasty of the Yellow Emperor, developed over a long time, based on 1000's of years of research and science, with fact based results. Interesting fact the Chinese Doctor only got paid by the local community when everyone was well and not ill. So it paid them to keep everyone in tip top conditions (prevention instead of cure).

Energy, Frequency and Spirituality ?

When you come for a treatment, you will find that most therapists look beyond the physical symptoms of the body. To fully heal a human being, they look at you in your entirety

mind, spirit, energetics, emotions. For example emotions affect every part of you, right down to cellular level & health. When your living in fear or grief, this lower frequency mode puts the body into a state called dis-at-ease, short term effects are colds, flu's and feeling off colour, long term the disease becomes more serious as it breaks down the cellular makeup and the symptoms become less reversible. Cancers, heart conditions, dementia to name a few.


Keeping a positive attitude, eating healthy food, surrounding yourself with loving, warm family and friends really does keep you young and healthy. Self-care should be a daily discipline but most of us get flung off the path with work, kids, relationships and many other commercial vices and spent less time on or within ourselves. That's where the complimentary therapist is waiting to give you a little nudge and boost to move you back into homeostasis.

What is the Future?

I see that in the near future a big shift will occur, one where we will become more pro-active about our own health. Prevention rather than cure. I feel the lessons from the last few years have been that we as individuals are responsible for our own health. I also see we will become less reliant on a overused/understaffed system, allowing them to deal with more serious and specific illness.

Not pleasant for most to hear but there are no short cuts to health, no magic pills, we have to put the work in daily, by doing more mindful exercise, eating healthier food, using healing herbs, daily meditation. So, energy work and alternative healing will be the way forward to keep us ticking over and keeping us on top.

When's a good time to start?

Now.....dive in... get into the swing, see these therapies as a compliment to your every day health routine. Like getting your hair cut, doing your nails.. try getting your energy rebalanced or lifting your mood, harmonising hormones or tonifying your Qi and blood or releasing past karmic trauma.

I have been practicing and studying healing systems for many years now and every time I read something new, or look at research documents it just blows my mind, the results speak for themselves. Its no wonder that the limelight is now being shone back on these treatments. I see this as the past and future of healing and health. Its diverse and there's a treatment to suite everyone's needs. If you look at evolution everything goes around full circle and especially things that are known to work.

Be brave give it a try



Seasonal master yoga teacher, Pilates teacher, Cupping therapist, Traditional Chinese Medicine student, Plant based and lifestyle coach.


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