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EVOLUTIONARYTherapy & Studio

Empowering Growth, Health & Happiness

"Welcome to a space where wellness thrives & transformation begins"

Welcome to Evolutionary Wellness, where ancient wisdom meets modern wellness.
We are dedicated to guiding you on a transformative journey towards Traditional Treatments, Holistic Health, Modern Wellbeing and Spiritual Balance.

We Integrate the time honoured practice of Traditional Chinese Medicine with cutting edge Holistic healing techniques to nurture your mind, body, energy, emotions and spirit.


Join our community of like minded individuals committed to personal growth and emphasis on natural healing. At Evolutionary we are here to support you every step of the way on your journey to a healthier, more balanced life.
Explore our offerings and discover the harmonious blend that makes our approach unique. 
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Hi, I'm Julie


"Elevate your consciousness with the "Celestial Elements" oracle cards

Integrating Traditional Chinese Medicine ancient healing wisdom with modern 5D consciousness.


Welcome to the launch and pre-sale to

"The Celestial Elements"  oracle and wellness cards, designed to help you align your daily life with practical health  tips, daily affirmations, insights into working with elements from Traditional Chinese Medicine. These unique and beautifully illustrated cards are here to help you tune into the energy of the day, align yourself with the harmonious flow of the universe.

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Oracle Card Deck
Celestial Elements
Oracle Deck
By Julie 

Upcoming Events..
"The Celestial Elements" Workshops

Evolving your Health &   Wellness  with the Celestial Elements.....

Launching along side the "Celestial Elements" oracle deck, come and experience the same wisdom in person run from the Evolutionary wellness studio. How integrating ancient healing arts like Traditional Chinese Medicine and the incoming 5D consciousness will be the evolutionary step to wellness.
Learn all about, the elements, archetypes, food, rituals, movement, organs.  Practical, insightful and fun events, filled with knowledge and take home tools. 

Seasonal Sanctuary Yoga by the Sea
Om Symbol on the Beach


Are you ready for change !!

Seasonal Yoga Teacher Training

Transform into a Teacher as the Seasons transform from Spring to Winter

Becoming a Seasonal Yoga Teacher at Seasonal Sanctuary is like stepping back into flow with Nature. Spring & Summer Yoga you will have your feet in nature, just imagine yourself practicing on the beach, with the sea to dip your toes in or take a plunge
We cover all the fundamentals of Yoga, Breathwork, anatomy, philosophies, history, 8 limbs. But its always about that bit extra at Seasonal...we combine Yoga with Traditional Chinese Medicine and the 5 element theory, transforming a Yoga course into a Holistic lifestyle practice that has Seasonal health & wellness at its core. Another extra is the popular Seasonal Nutrition, which lies the heart of our teachings. Living, Eating, Practicing, Thinking, Feeling Seasonally in touch with our surroundings. 
And that extra keeps coming..learn about marketing  Seasonal Yoga, starting your Yoga business, NLP, pregnancy Yoga...
We cover so much, that's why it takes us a Year to teach and a year for you transform and embody the whole Seasonal experience...Student to Teacher.

Fully accredited 200 Hour Yoga Alliance course taught by specialist and Seasonal Masters and Directors.

Are you ready to make the Big change.
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