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You hold the Key to your Health, Wealth & Happiness 

Welcome to Evolutionary Therapies & Studio, where Traditional Chinese Medicine & Wellness integrates with Holistic Healing & Therapies.

Evolve your fitness with the energy of Mindful Movement & expansive Breathwork.

Evolve your career and become a Yoga Teacher check out our Seasonal Sanctuary Yoga teacher training


My name is Julie

My career spans 30 years within conventional Fitness, Yoga & Wellness. The last few years has been practicing Traditional Chinese Medicine as an acupuncturist & a studier of the philosophies, herbs, archetypes & exercise practiced by the ancient's and the five elements to health. A life filled with energy and movement.

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Upcoming Events

Events, Workshops, Retreats

Upcoming Retreats
Dates coming soon

Evolving your Health &   Wellness  TBA

We are a new Retreat Venue.....
Set on the beautiful Lincolnshire coast
We offer day & weekend retreats in the grounds at the Old Vicarage, a  variety of fitness, wellness & health event are planned for 2024.

Events are held in our events Tepee,, giving us that feeling of connecting back into nature,   

But if you are looking for just a touch of luxury we offer treatments & therapies along with access to our luxury swimming pool, hot tub & cold plunge pool at the end of each retreat day.

We are surrounded by beautiful country walk ways & a short walk takes you to our sandy beach

Seasonal Sanctuary Yoga by the Sea
Om Symbol on the Beach



Are you ready for change !!
Seasonal Yoga Teacher Training
transform into a teacher as the Seasons transform from Spring to Winter

Becoming a Seasonal Yoga Teacher at Seasonal Sanctuary is like stepping back into flow with Nature. Spring & Summer Yoga you will have your feet in nature, just imagine yourself practicing on the beach, with the sea to dip your toes in or take a plunge . Lesson in the Big Tepee at the Old Vicarage retreat, grounds & spa. Autumn & Winter we will move indoors as the weather changes.

We cover all the fundamentals of Yoga, Breathwork, anatomy, philosophies, history, 8 limbs. But its always about that bit extra at Seasonal...we combine Yoga with Traditional Chinese Medicine and the 5 element theory, transforming a Yoga course into a Holistic lifestyle practice that has Seasonal health & wellness at its core. Another extra is the popular Seasonal Nutrition, which lies the heart of our teachings. Living, Eating, Practicing, Thinking, Feeling Seasonally in touch with our surroundings. 

And that extra keeps coming..learn about marketing  Seasonal Yoga, starting your Yoga business, NLP, pregnancy Yoga...

We cover so much, that's why it takes us a Year to teach and a year for you transform and embody the whole Seasonal experience...Student to Teacher.

Fully accredited 200 Hour Yoga Alliance course taught by specialist and Seasonal Masters and Directors.

We are starting 2024 are you ready to make the Big change.
Applications open now
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